Within the rich world of martial arts, spirituality plays a key role. In fact, some styles emphasize this over physical self defense. Within Asian cultures, the concept of “chi” is very important. This is said to be an energy that travels through people and objects. Other cultures believe that certain parts of the body have “chakras” that are pathways for life energy. Both “chi” and “chakra” theories feature heavily in eastern martial arts.

Students may go to these kinds of classes to boost their mental health. Spirituality can be used to help people cope with the pressures of the modern world. Therefore, martial arts are not simply ways to protect oneself against an attacker. They also increase a person’s sense of overall wellbeing.

If students are interested in classes that focus mainly on the spiritual, then there are several styles to opt for. Tai chi is one of the most popular. It is ideal for anyone who wants a fast paced effective fight technique that also teaches mastering of the self. Tai-ki-ken is better for those who want a focus on meditation and breathing techniques. Do-In and Qigong are martial arts based on the idea of the “chi”.