Choosing a Martial Art

There is a plethora of different martial arts to choose from. This includes not just those with eastern origins but also numerous western styles. It is important to pick one that will fulfil the specific needs of the fighter. The search can be narrowed down by researching some of the most popular martial arts.


This dynamic combat sport is perfect for people who like a mixture of physical endurance and psychological discipline. There are two main positions: standing and ground. The former involves lifting and throwing opponents. The latter requires people to pin their foe to the floor until they submit.

Judo is fairly simple in terms of techniques. There is no punching, striking or kicking. Nor is there any equipment and weaponry needed. Instead, the focus is on gripping onto opponents and subduing them using balance, movements and strength.


Taekwondo requires practitioners to be skilled at using their feet during fighting sessions. Punching is also an important part of it. This Korean sport gained popularity in the 1940s. It eventually became part of the Olympic Games. Like many Asian martial arts, the mind is just as important as the body. People who excel at taekwondo need to achieve inner peace. In terms of physicality, they should be very fast. They have to be able to perform a variety of kicks. This includes head height, spinning and jump kicks.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

This dominant form of kung fu encourages students to achieve relaxation during their exercises. By maintaining a calm mood, the fighter is able to be more flexible. Practitioners use a narrow and tight stance. Arms are used to defend the vital parts of the body. Sessions are won by striking the middle of the opponent’s body. This includes their chest, stomach and neck. High kicks are sometimes avoided as this can disrupt balance.

Kick Boxing

As the name suggests, this contact sport allows both kicking and punching. It was first developed by combining moves from karate and boxing into one discipline. Sometimes people choose this activity simply because it provides good overall fitness. However, it is also ideal for self defense strategies. Kickboxing allows people to utilize both the top and lower halves of their body effectively during a fight.

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)

If students are looking for a martial art with less rigid rules, then MMA may be one of the best choices. It combines moves from a plethora of different styles. Due to the rough nature of fights, it is easy to become injured. Therefore, mixed martial arts is better for people who want a more extreme and challenging experience. It is useful to learn other styles beforehand in order to gain an edge.