Whilst the key aim of martial arts is self-defense, it also has some added benefits. There are plenty of ways that these kinds of classes can make a student healthier. Being aware of them will encourage novices to continue their classes long term.

A wide range of online publications including the Guardian have raised awareness of common health problems. In the modern world, obesity is prevalent. This can usually be prevented with enough frequent physical activity. During martial arts training, the student will regularly have to keep moving. The cardio aspect of training will have a direct positive effect on health. The calories that they burn will keep them in good shape.

Constant inactivity will increase the chances of developing joint problems. Keeping the body flexible is an ideal way of preventing this. Martial artists tend to have a good level of flexibility. This is due to the nature of the moves they need to perform.

Some martial art styles also encourage participants to gain muscle mass. This is more common in western ones. For example, MMA and boxing have specific weight requirements. In order to fulfil them, fighters will increase their overall muscle mass.

Once a person has practiced martial arts for an extended period of time, they may notice that their blood pressure is at a healthy level. This is due to the vigorous exercise that they have to perform on a regular basis. Healthy blood pressure will prevent people from developing a number of significant health issues, including heart conditions.