Hand-to-Hand Combat

Whilst some martial art styles emphasize defense against weaponry, this is not always the case. More traditional ones will instead focus mainly on hand-to-hand combat. This tends to be done with the assumption that the opponent follows the rules of that particular style.

Readers may have noticed that sites such as the Independent often have headlines about physical assault. These are cases where a person has been attacked by someone who is unarmed. By learning hand-to-hand combat, students of martial arts can fight back during these kinds of scenarios.

If people are mainly interested in real world self-defense, then it is best to choose a more modern style. For example, krav maga emphasizes realistic and practical fighting. The main goal is to incapacitate an opponent as fast as possible.

On the other hand, if they wish to compete with others in a rule based environment, then they can opt for one of the ancient styles of martial arts. In this case karate, kung fu and other eastern martial arts will be appealing. Some classes teach a mixture of both so that students get a broader experience and skillset.